Football Innovation 2020 Speakers

Paolo Migliavacca

Academy Director, Inter Milan

Coordinator of Elite Academy Technical Area U12/U13/U14:

Italian academy head coach, Head of Technical Area U12/U13/U14, with more than 10 years of experience at Inter Milan F.C. Academy.
Laurea (Bachelor), Scienze Motorie (Physical Education), February 2005
Università Cattolica di Milano, Italy
Thesis: “The soccer team: motivations from the recreational level to the competitive level”
Coaching Experience
Coach, Soccer Academy, Internazionale F.C. (Inter Milan), Milano, Italy, 09/04 – present
Head coach U9, U10, U11, U12, U13.
Technical director Soccer School, summer camps, Inter training centers.
Leading and preparing courses on updating coaches.
Many travel work experiences with Inter all over the world.

Soccer Coach, UEFA B License, since 2007.

Coach, Soccer Academy, Bresso Calcio, Bresso (MI), Italy, 09/01 - 06/04
Coach, Soccer Academy, O.R.P.A.S., Milano, Italy, 09/98 – 06/01

Other Work Experiences
Sport and Fitness Exhibition, Also Enervit, Rimini, Italy, 06/98 - 06/04
Personal Trainer, Weight Room, Vertical Fit Gym, Milano, Italy, 09/03 – 07/05
Personal Trainer, Weight Room, Greenline Gym, Milano, Italy, 02/06 – 10/07; 10/08 – 12/11
Fitness Manager, Greenline Gym, Rho (MI), Italy, 11/07 – 01/08
Personal Trainer, Weight Room, Personal Trainer Center, Milano, Italy, 01/08 – 06/08
Fitness Coach, “Sport e tempo libero”, San Donato (MI), Italy, 04/05 – 06/05
Fitness Coach, “Velocifero”, Milano, Italy, 10/08 – 06/10
Consultant, Somatoline Cosmetic, Milano, Italy, 01/10 – 12/11
Consultant, Lei Web, Milano, Italy, 2011 May
Writing articles for health and fitness magazines, Milano, Italy, 2011-2015
Consultant, Sigma Tau, Italy, 01/13-06/15
Teacher for Technical Sport School “ENAIP”, Milano, Italy, 09/13-06/15

Experiences Abroad
Erasmus Exchange Student, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 02/04 – 05/04