Football Innovation 2020 Speakers

Jan van Loon

Head Coach, FC Utrecht

Workhistory 1985-2018: 33 years youth football specialist
2018-recent FC Utrecht Head of Coaching Academy (contract till 01.07.2021)
2017-2018 VFL Wolfsburg head of game analyst (opponent) & scouting
2014-2017 Arsenal FC, Academy Phase coach u23-u9, Head of Individual Development
2011-2014 KNVB Zeist trainer/coach National youth teams, teacher football coaches and teacher
head youth academies and football research and development.
2009-2011 Regionale Youth Academy Willem II/RKC Head Youth Academy
(Academy Manager)
2001-2009 Willem II Head Youth Academy (Academy Manager)
1991-2001 KNVB Zeeland, Rotterdam, Zeist, trainer/coach District youth teams, teacher football
coaches and development.
1985-1991 PSV Eindhoven, trainer/coach youth and co÷rdinator youth