Football Innovation 2020 Speakers

Dr Stephanie Filbay

Senior Researcher - Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal, University of Oxford

Stephanie is a physiotherapist who completed her PhD on longer-term quality of life following ACL injury, at University of Queensland in July 2016. She has received fellowships and awards to pursue this research in Australia, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. Stephanie's research focus is on optimising outcomes following musculoskeletal and sports injury, with a specific interest in ACL injury, knee osteoarthritis and comparison of outcomes following surgical and non-operative management strategies. Stephanie has experience in a range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. She also lectures on physiotherapy and medical sciences courses and educates clinicians regarding evidence-based practice recommendations.
Stephanie is a Senior Research Associate at University of Oxford. She has supervised 14 individuals, including research fellows, PhD students and Postdocs. To date, Stephanie has 30 articles published or under-review (28 as first or senior author, 280+ citations), a book chapter and 21 published conference abstracts. She has presented over 30 times at national and international conferences, provided 40+ scientific peer-reviews and won several grants, scholarships and awards for her research.

twitter: @stephfilbay